• Celina Benitez

    As a candidate for City Council, Celina Benitez needed a website she could use to communicate her plans and motivations with her constituents. As the first Latina to run for city government in Mount Rainier, she wanted her website to be fully bilingual, and to make it easy to switch between languages. NOVA Web Development responded with a website that is easy to read and easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices, and switches effortlessly between English and Spanish.

  • Elizabeth Guzman

    Elizabeth Guzman is running for Virginia State Delegate in Prince William County. An Our Revolution nationally endorsed candidate, Elizabeth needed a website to share what she plans to do as the first Latina in the Virginia General Assembly to bring better paying jobs, educational opportunities, and health care to her constituents.

  • AEA Arlington Education Association

    AEA is the Arlington, Virginia local of the National Education Association, and serves its 15 hundred plus members by advocating for their employee rights within Arlington Public Schools. In addition to providing AEA with an attractive, responsive website with important information for members, we are implementing a system this year through which AEA will have the option of conducting elections on-line.

  • FEELibera

    FEELibera is a non-profit organization whose mission to foster educational opportunities for every Liberian citizen, regardless of gender, socio-economic status, location or ethnicity. The organization [achieves/accomplishes] this goal by providing resources through which citizens can acquire literacy and education to enrich their lives and thereby empower themselves to contribute to the cause of their family, community and country.

  • The Rotary Club of Rosslyn-Fort Myer

    The Rotary Club of Rosslyn-Fort Myer has served the Arlington community and communities in Asia, Africa, and Central America since 1986. NOVA Web Development created a content management enabled website for them using Django CMS

  • Open Sound Control protocol

    Although most of the work produced by NOVA Web Development is web-based, there are occasional exceptions. Some of our co-op members are working with researchers to develop a series of exercises for new hearing aid users. The image to the left is a screen shot of one exercise. These exercises are being developed using the Python programming language, the Qt graphical user interface libraries, and the Open Sound Control protocol.

  • Barbara Chambers Children’s Center

    Barbara Chambers Children’s Center is an Early Childhood Education Center located in Columbia Heights Washington, DC. BCCC has served the community since 1968. They needed a website that would communicate the many services and going-on to current parents and parents interested in enrolling their children in the center.

  • NEA for Our Revolution

    NEA members for Our Revolution is a caucus within the National Education Association aiming to support the principles and efforts of Our Revolution. NOVA Web has developed a site and association management system for NEA4OR that will provide its membership communication and management needs.

  • National Hospital

    National Hospital is a healthcare resource intended for patients, healthcare providers & students. National Hospital provides directories of hospitals, physicians, associations, government resources, & more. NationalHospital.com is a project designed and updated by Nova Web Development, working in conjunction with the founder of the site, Patrick J. Arieno,w who has dreamed make this site the best national hospitals exchange.