1. Community --> Elections 

2. Create Election

3. Add Questions

3 (continued). Enter Questions. You can ignore the "absolute and relative" option. It doesn't matter which is chosen.

4. Add Voters

5. Select Group (For Help Creating Group: https://novawebdevelopment.org/help-files/creating-groups/)

Info: The exclamation mark means that you have to complete these steps to open the election, once they don't appear anymore you'll be able to open it.
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6. Open the election: Once you have questions and voters group, it will display a button called "Run Election". once the election is open you cannot change anything.

As soon you click "Run Election", you'll see this button called "Close election"

You cannot close the election until get some votes as you can see in the label called "Waiting for votes" and the symbol inside the button.

7. (After Votes are In) You'll be able to close the election.

now that you have votes you can click "Close Election", Also you can see who voted clicking "Votes" the blue button.

8. Compute Results

9. Publish Results: Once you Compute the results, you can see the result before publishes them to the public.