Step 1: Prepare Your CSV File to Import Members


Navigate to Import Memberships Pagethe route is Apps --> 1. Admin --> Admin Backend --> 29. Memberships Application --> Import

Apps --> 1. Admin --> Admin Backend

 29. Memberships Application




To batch import your members, you'll first need a CSV file (spreadsheet format option) that has all of your member data.  You will need to have 3 headers on your spreadsheet specifically labeled: usernameemail, and membership type  for the import to work.  Download the template to help you fill out the member data in the correct format. Make note that if "membership_type" (Column CG in template) is not present or filled in, the first membership type in the system will be used. 




username will be the username each member will use to login

email is each member's primary email address

membership type (column CG not shown in screenshot) is the membership type you have created on your website.  You must create a membership type prior to importing your members.  



Your CSV can contain additional field headers when you import them beyond the required 3 above and Tendenci will add the custom fields to your members profiles after import.  

Additional recommended fields to include when you import: first name, last name, join date, expire date, renew date, membership number. 


Step 2: Upload Your Membership Import File

Choose File to select the CSV from your computer and click "Preview Import" to upload the file: 



After pressing the "Preview Import" button, you will get this screen. Double check the information and then press the "Import Now" button.



After a successful import you will get a page that looks like this:



Step 3: Checking for Success


Finally, you should now see that the members in your CSV file have been added to the system:

From the top menu bar go to Community --> Members and you should see the the added member, in this case Test Monkey 2.



And if we select Test Monkey 2's profile we see that they have been added to the Membership Group Example Membership which was first in the system as shown in the screenshot above of the Membership Types admin backend.


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