This help file will outline how to get started with Tendenci's Membership module!


Getting Started

How Tendenci Memberships Work

Each and every user in Tendenci has a User Record - regardless of if they have an active Membership Record or not. Their Membership sits on top of their User Record.

What You'll Need to Get Started with Tendenci Memberships

Before you get started with Tendenci Memberships, we recommend figuring out the following:

  • What levels of membership you will offer and how much each will cost
  • What your renewal policies will be (how far in advance can they renew, do the approvals need to be admin approved, etc.)
  • What questions you need to ask on the Membership Application
  • Review your Memberships Module settings for privacy options

Getting Around in Memberships - Memberships in the Tendenci Backend

You'll use the Admin Backend to manipulate your memberships. Watch a video on navigating to the Memberships portion of the Admin Backend or follow these instructions:

Go to the admin backend under Apps:


Click the blue "Memberships" header:


Memberships Administration Panel: 


Or you can type in


Next: Set Up Your Memberships

There are three steps to setting up your Memberships. Check out the following help files for detailed instructions on each step:

  1. Step 1 - Define Your Membership Types
  2. Step 2 - Customize Your Membership Application(s)
  3. Step 3 - Import Your Members