Learning to use the top navigation bar and the admin backend are fundamental to working with Tendenci. If you are just learning the system I recommend exploring both to get a sense of how Tendenci's features are laid out.

Top Navigation Bar

A basic procedure for administering apps and features in tendenci is carried out in the top navigation bar. After choosing an app or feature the fith dropdown menu in the navigation bar changes to a menu specific to adminsistering that app or feature.

If, for example I go the Users page by way of Community --> Users the fifth dropdown menu from the left changes to "Users" and contains a variety of options for managing user accounts.


Admin Backend

Alternatively, the variety of functions for managing your site can be done through the admin backend. Once an administrator is familiar with the admin backend they will see that it powerful and easier to use than navigating through the themed site. For someone new to Tendenci the admin backend also provides an organized list of all the applications and features the system offers.

To get to the admin backend in the Top Navigation Bar go to "Apps" --> "1. Admin" --> "Admin Backend"