1.- Click on your device browser default. 

        IOS = IPHONE 6                                    ANDROID = NEXUS 7 



2.- Introduce the URL of the site that you want to include on your mobile home screen.

       IOS = IPHONE 6                                      ANDROID = NEXUS 7


NOTE : if you cannot see the link of the example, here are the zoomed URLs.

                                                                IOS = IPHONE 6                                   

                                                                   ANDROID = NEXUS 7


3.- Here the menus will vary in different device to get the link in you home screen.

       IOS = IPHONE 6                                           ANDROID = NEXUS 7



4.- Once you click there, you need to look for add to home screen option.

         IOS = IPHONE 6                                        ANDROID = NEXUS 7


5.- Then you  will see this page, where you will click add option.

             IOS = IPHONE 6                                               ANDROID = NEXUS 7


6.- Once you click on add option, it will be included in your home screen as a regular application, it will display the same as you native applications.

          IOS = IPHONE 6                                                     ANDROID = NEXUS 7

7.- Once you click on the icon it will open the home page of the site but without the default browser that you saw at the begining of this installation.

            IOS = IPHONE 6                                            ANDROID = NEXUS 7



PLEASE,  check the steps above again if you cannot  get the web app in your mobile home screen.