First log in to the site then:

1. From the top menu navigate to Community --> Elections


2. Under the Open Elections section, select the election you want to vote in.

3. Press Start to Vote!

4. Select your answers (in order to change your answer, press on the box you have checked, it will then be unselected, and select your new answer).

Then press the Next button to continue to the next question.

 If there is only one question a "Go to Review Page" button will appear and you can press that.

Note: the "Go to Review Page" button that takes you to the submit screen only appears when you have reached the final question (it is not necessary to answer each, or any, question).



5.  The "Review Page" should contain the questions which you be able to change in the last minute before your ballot will be casted.

6. To edit or modify you vote in the following questions before the submission. You can click in this icon.


7. Once you are satisfied Press the Submit! button. After pressing the submit you can no longer make changes to your ballot.

8.  After the submission, you will be redirected to a confirmation page showing you that you vote was successfully cast!


 9. If you press the Go to your Elections button. 

10. You should be taken back to the Open/Past elections screen except now the election you voted in will no longer appear under "Open Elections" and instead appear under "Past Elections."