Libre Organize (Online Voting + Association Management System + Content Management System)

NOVA Web Development offers service on setting up and providing support for Libre Organize. Libre Organize offers:

Helios Online Voting

Helios is a secure, private and verifiable online voting system. We set up and train you to use the tool so you can conduct elections for your organization. Your voter rolls are integrated with the Association Management System so setting up elections and managing online communication within your organization all happens in one place.

Tendenci Association Management System ( Membership Management + Event Management + Forums)

We set up Tendenci, an Association Management System, for you to use to privately manage your organization’s membership without giving up control over your data. Through your site you can easily record attendance at events and membership. Tendenci’s forum feature creates a space on your website where members can discuss issues and further along the activity of your group.

We can also custom build membership management apps tailored to the needs of your organization. If you can imagine a technological solution to improving one of your organization’s information processing procedures, we can help build it.

Tendenci Content Management System (CMS)

If you are not intersted in managing user data and organizing online, we can set up the Content Management System (CMS) only. With the CMS you can modify multimedia content on your site without knowing HTML or CSS. This is the solution for you if you are mainly interested in communicating information to people visiting your site.

Django Development Services

We can help to maintain and create sites based on the Django web framework. Django is used to ease the construction of sites that are complex and database-driven.

Web Design

We work with our clients to help them arrive at a site design they agree with. Before we develop the site we create mockups and get the approval of our clients. To help clients that aren’t initially certain about how they want their site to be designed we ask questions about user experience, site purpose and appearance until we reach a design they love.

Logo Design

An organization's logo is the simplest and most visible symbol of its identity. We work with clients to help them design a logo by which they will be proud to identify.