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Digital & Brand Design

Santa Ana, SV

member since 2019

Natalia Cerna

Natalia is passionate about design and has over 5 years of experience working with both traditional corporations and cooperatives doing brand design, illustration, photography, styling, publishing, and social media.

Based in Santa Ana, El Salvador, she is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Software Developer

Los Angeles, CA

member since 2020

Louis Elkner-Alfaro

Louis enjoys creating representations of real world facts and patterns in the form of data and computer programs. The programmers closest to him were using Python and Django as their tools-of-choice so he picked them up as well. He enjoys Python's readability.

Louis is grateful that he was born into a network of Free Software activists and that he gets to collaborate with people who believe information and education should be accessible to all.

Louis dreams of developing software that will assist real world efforts that contribute to a happier, healthier world.

Lead Software Developer

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

member since 2020

Stefan-Ionut Tarabuta

Stefan leads, maintains, and refines Python and Django open source software projects. He also deploys and maintains servers and various internal services such as the mail server and the, now deprecated, Jitsi video-conferencing system and IRC chatbot. He is driven by his attention to detail and likes to spend time perfecting software.

He is from Bucharest, Romania and is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Newcastle University.

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Software Developer

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

member since 2022

Adrian Buchholz

Adrian develops and maintains open source software projects in Python and Django. He joined NOVA Web Development as an intern in 2019 and worked on LibreOrganize writing custom apps and unit tests. He later worked with Gallaudet University on SoundAdvice, a program for helping individuals who had just received their hearing aids.

Adrian also deploys various servers and works on HTML and CSS. He is from Arlington, Virginia and is pursuing Computer Science at Newcastle University.

Advisor & Outreach

Arlington, VA

co-founder, 2012

Jeffrey Elkner

Jeffrey Elkner is a high school / community college Web Development / CS teacher who lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife in their apartment next to the woods.

In Computer Science graduate school back in 1993 he discovered GCC (back when it stood for GNU C Compiler) running on the VAX system used at school. GCC led him to the GPL, which in turn led him to GNU/Linux, and his long love affair with software freedom was born.

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Software Developer

Washington, DC

co-founder, 2012

Kevin Cole

In addition to being both a user and programmer of Free / Libre Open Source Software, Kevin Cole has spent most of his life advocating its use, particularly its use by students, teachers, librarians, and others in academic settings. "If you want technological innovation, give people the ability to look inside everything, take it apart and put it together in new and unexpected ways."

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