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Lead Developer

Arlington, VA

member since 2023

James O'Connor

James is a full stack web developer with expertise in both back-end and front-end development. He has experience with frameworks like Django and Laravel for the back-end, and VueJS, Bootstrap, and Tailwind CSS for the front-end.

James is passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest trends and has a strong foundation in various programming languages. James is not only skilled technically, but is also a great communicator. James is driven by a desire to make the world a better place, evident in both his web development work and his volunteer efforts.

Business Admininstratotr

Arlington, VA

member since 2024

Ved Chudiwale

Ved is a passionate student in Arlington, VA dedicated to supporting the success of non-profit organizations. He generously volunteers his time and expertise to various non-profits, including SECOSOL, where he assists with financial management and tax preparation. Ved's commitment to financial literacy empowers these organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively, ensuring they have the resources they need to fulfill their missions and make a positive impact in the community.

Web Developer

Tumbes, PE

member since 2023

Luis Garces

Luis is a driven student in Arlington VA who exemplifies resilience and has a passion for technology. After relocating from Peru within the past year, he hasn't missed a beat, thriving in his academic pursuits. Luis brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, boasting proficiency in web development languages like Python, Javascript, HTML, C, and C++. His adaptability and eagerness to learn new skills make him a valuable asset in any environment. Luis's story is one of embracing challenges and carving his own path to success, a testament to his determination and dedication.

Business Manager

Fairfax, VA

member since 2023

Keiry Larios

Kei is a Salvadorian immigrant and first-generation college student who is a vital force behind NOVA Web Development. She juggles internal and external business needs, managing projects, customer meetings, invoicing, and general business operations.

Kei's dedication extends beyond NOVA Web Development. She actively serves on the SECOSOL Board, an organization fostering a worker cooperative environment that empowers communities through efficient resource utilization.

Advisor & Outreach

Arlington, VA

co-founder, 2012

Jeffrey Elkner

Jeffrey Elkner is a high school / community college Web Development / CS teacher who lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife in their apartment next to the woods.

In Computer Science graduate school back in 1993 he discovered GCC (back when it stood for GNU C Compiler) running on the VAX system used at school. GCC led him to the GPL, which in turn led him to GNU/Linux, and his long love affair with software freedom was born.

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Business Consultant

Arlington, VA

member since 2023

Vrishin Hazari

Vrishin is a Business Secretary at NWD, known for advocating for people's rights and promoting equity across diverse demographics. He played a pivotal role in establishing Social Justice Computing, a nonprofit dedicated to upholding the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The organization focuses on providing essential resources and access to technology. He also helps create donation portals for various organizations, including Claudia Jones School and the Mexico Solidarity Project. His passion lies in bridging the digital divide and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Design Team

Arlington, VA

member since 2024

Blu Medina

Combining design and technology, Blu is a rising programmer with certifications in Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Currently at NOVA pursuing a Computer Science degree, she aims to bridge the gap between creativity and functionality, transforming ideas into stunning, functional solutions. A lifelong learner, Blue thrives in collaborative environments and seeks to make a lasting impact through the power of design and technology.